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Fresh Start Bible Large Print LL

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Do you want to know more about the Christian faith? Did you just become a follower of Christ? Have you been a believer for a long time? You can have a fresh start, beginning today.
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5 stars based on 2 reviews


Very high quality bible

I like the question and answer section at the front:
how to accept Jesus
what happens when we die
what is baptism, etc.

Each chapter has an introduction from Pastor Robert and good comentary

A reading plan in the back to help you read the bible in a year, i have not seen that in a bible before, good idea.

16 maps

I have bought 5 of them so far, for friends and family!

I would definitely recommend this bible for any level of study

Kyle L.


I always love reviewing Bibles, but I am really excited to review the Large Print Fresh Start Bible! Not only is it a really nice Bible, but I have not seen any other reviews of this Bible yet! This Bible is so easy to read! The font is large and bold, and it is in the easy to understand NLT version. It does not say what the font size is, but I would guess around 11 point font for the Biblical text, and around a 9 point font for the articles. This Bible is definitely one of the most readable Bibles that I own.

It starts out with two articles called "An Invitation to You", and "Introducing Your Bible". There is also an introduction to the NLT and a leader's guide for small groups. Before you even get into the Old Testament, there is also a "Fresh Start Journey" by Jimmy Evans. There are 52 questions, and each has a scripture passage and explanation. The questions included are frequently asked questions, such as "Why do people die?" and "How do I forgive?" This section would be so valuable for a new believer, and also for a seasoned believer as a refresher and for evangelism.

Each book of this Bible has an introduction that is a page or two long. It is a double column format, with bold blue chapter numbers. There are over 500 discipleship articles and studies, so it is packed full of valuable and applicable information. I really like that all of the articles include a scripture reference. Another neat feature of this Bible is that the words of Jesus are in blue. The blue could be darker, but it is still very easy to read. At the end of the Bible, there is a section called Intersections. This section highlights 59 key Bible characters and events, such as Job, Joshua, Pilate, Pentecost, and the Apostle John.

The next section is called Worship Way, and it includes articles on what, whom, why, and how do we worship. There are also more articles called Freedom Path, which includes four articles dealing with freedom. The final section is called Bible Reading Breakthrough, and it has articles that emphasize the importance of God's word and making time for God daily. There is also a one year reading plan, a list of famous Bible passages, a table of weights and measures, some blank paper for notes, and 14 full color maps.

I could go on and on about this Bible because there is a lot of content. It would be perfect for a new Christian, someone who is struggling to find faith, and a seasoned Christian to dig deeper and have tools for evangelism. I am really impressed with it, and I am surprised that there are not more reviews about it out there. I highly recommend you check it out! You won't be disappointed!