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Adventures in Prayer Spanish LL (Aventuras en La Oración)

Adventures in Prayer now available in Spanish. Aventuras en la oración: un viaje de 40 días. An adventure in prayer began 40 years ago. Adventures in Prayer: A 40-Day Journey by Pastor Mary Jo Pierce.
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This book has changed the way I see prayer in so many ways. Thru Adventures in Prayer, I had the opportunity to take action and transform a room into a praying room. I explained to my two daughters that THIS room was going to be used to talk to God, pray and listen to him; that we were going to put post-it notes for every prayer or special petition. So my 10-year-old came and ask me: “ Mummy, can I put up my praying request too?” So from that moment on, we have a praying room and a praying chair with our bibles and a box of tissues just in case!

carol sosa